Photographers for the Nature Conservation Reserve Felsberg

Fotografen setzen sich für das Naturschutzgebiet Felsberg ein

Fotografen setzen sich für den Erhalt des Naturschutzgebietes Felsberg im Lautertal ein. Zur Galerie und den  Statements der Fotografen geht es hier.

Photographers stand up for the preservation of the nature conservation reserve Felsberg Lautertal. Thel ink to the gallery and the statements of the Photographers is here.

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Forest Group

Together with other people who are concerned about the forest's well-being I founded a group of forest activists. We fight for a natural forestry, which keeps the harm to the forest and forest soil as low as possible. Because old and dead trees are essential for the survival of the ecosystem, we try to convince foresters to leave more old trees in the woods (not only for photographic purposes :-)). We also aim for more natural forests. Since in Germany 97% of all woods are used for forestry, it's time to allow more wilderness again to protect endangered species and to stabilize our ecosystems. 

In cooperation with forest owners and foresters we support the forest by planting new trees, protecting young trees and taking care of areas in the forest, which need special care. Our aim is to bring as much diversity in the forest in order to stabilize the ecosystem during climate change.

We are active in the Landkreis Darmstadt-Diebung, Bergstraße and Odenwaldkreis.

If you are  interested in this kind of work, you are always welcome to join us. Contact me through the contact formula or get in touch with the NABU Seeheim-Jugenheim e.V.

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The Rescue of an Old Oak

Some years ago I fell in love with a beautifully shaped, big oak in my area. I took numerous pictures of this tree in all seasons and in all light situations.  

One day workers wanted to cut this tree because of traffic safety reasons. I couldn't accept this decision and tried my best to preserve it. Watch the video about the process of it's rescue. You also find some pictures of this tree here.

Video: Robin Otto

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